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Italy, located in Southern Europe, on the Italian Peninsula, is officially known as the Italian Republic. Italy stands as a democratic republic and a developed country. The World Bank data indicates that Italy is highly independent in terms of investment, business & trade. Italy's chief economic power is its high number of small and medium sized companies. Along with importing food and most of the raw materials for industries, Italy fulfills more than 75% of its energy requirements via import as well. Italy doesn't have rich deposits of iron, coal or oil, but natural gas resources are the most vital mineral resource.

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Economy of Italy


Fiscal Year

01 January - 31 December




$474.8 Billion


$483.6 Billion

Main Industries

tourism, commerce,communications,machinery, iron, steel,chemicals, food processing, textiles,automobiles, home appliances, clothing,footwear and ceramics.

Export Goods

engineering products,textiles, clothing,production machinery,motor vehicles, electric goods, transport equipment, chemicals,food, beverages, tobacco,minerals and nonferrous metals.

Import Goods

engineering products,chemicals, transport equipment, energyproducts, textiles,clothing, automobiles,electronics, food,beverages, tobacco,minerals and nonferrous metals.